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Academic Procedures

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Leave Application:

  1. Letter to the principal
  2. Signed by parent/guardian
  3. Submit to class teacher

Student taking leave/absence from school must give information to their respective class teacher along with a letter explaining the reason for the same and have it duly signed either by their parents or authorized guardians. In certain cases, such as:

  • Sick Leave: A letter to the principal, written and signed by the parent/guardian explaining the reason and cause for the absence of their ward. In case of prolonged leave (more than 3 days) parents are requested to meet/speak to administration or else the application will not be accepted. In case of leave for more than 15 days, the parents are requested to meet the Principal or else the student will be considered Absence Without Leave (AWOL) and the student will be expelled.

  • Pre-planned Leave (Wedding, family emergencies etc.) : For a pre-planned leave a written request letter for the leave must be submitted to the principal by the parent/guardian in the school. Only on authorization of the principal the letter shall be considered valid. Once authorized by the principal the letter must be submitted to the class teacher by the student before taking leave. Such requests are well appreciated and if failed to do so will be considered as an offence (Truancy).

  • Leave During or In-between School Hours: Students are not allowed to leave the school during school hours, in case of a family emergency the student will not be allowed unless and until their father or mother is present to receive the student in school.

Bonafide Certificate:

  1. Letter to the principal
  2. Signed by parent/guardian
  3. Submit in office
  4. Bona fide certificate will be issued in 1-2 working days

Student’s bona fide certificate can be availed from the office by the parents at any office working hours. Bona fide certificates are often used to assure the authenticity of the student in relation to the school for various official purposes. However, parents are requested to provide a valid certificate or identification card (Birth Certificate or passport or nationality identity etc) for their ward during admission, only then parents will be eligible to avail the Bonafide certificate for their ward.

Transfer or School Leaving Certificate (TC):

  1. Get the application form from office or download here
  2. Fill the application letter
  3. Clear all accounts, library and lab dues along with ₹500 for TC
  4. Submit the application to the principal
  5. Transfer Certificate will be issued in 3-7 working days

Student leaving the school or getting transferred to other school can avail TC from the office during any school hours. Parents must meet the principal and give the reason for the transfer and get the transfer application from the office. The letter must be filled and signed by the parents (Father or Mother) and make sure all the dues of their ward has been cleared. Once all dues have been cleared, the parents can submit the form in the office and get the TC in 3-7 working days.

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